Falconwood & Film

Falconwood Farms is a camera-ready location available to film industry professionals as a filming location and stunt/SFX previs training facility.  The property boasts several logistical features that make it a desirable location.  We are located just 1.6 miles from I-20, and approximately 40 miles from both downtown Atlanta and the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.  Our 80-acre property boasts multiple looks including equestrian arenas, traditional barn structures, dense forests and trails, creeks, grasslands, and a 1-acre lake.

For all film related inquiries please contact Robert Faulkner at 404-694-3195 or locationsrob@gmail.com

dsc_0052Stunt Coordinators & SFX Previs:  Numerous resources available for a variety of Equestrian Stunts, including Vaulting and Mounted Archery!
  • Covered Arena with Specially Designed Footing – Our covered arena can easily be rigged with green screens, lights, and stunt rigging for previs.  The footing in the covered arena is designed for Equestrian Vaulting and is appropriate for high gymnastic-style dismounts and falls, making the covered arena an ideal location for these type of stunts.
  • Access to Equestrian Vaulting Instruction & Consultation – The Falconwood Vaulting Team is able to provide equipment, safety consultation, and instruction in gymnastic style stunts.
  • Access to Horseback Archery Instruction & Consultation – Falconwood is home to the  Georgia Horse Archers, who can also provide equipment, safety consultation, and instruction in proper technique for horseback archery.
Financial Advantages to Filming at Falconwood:  Close to downtown Atlanta and International Airport!
  • Easily Accessible, Close to Downtown Atlanta & Airport – The farm is located just 1.6 miles from Interstate-20,  and approximately 40 miles from both the downtown Atlanta area and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.  Falconwood is more easily accessible than many Atlanta or Alpharetta farm locations north of Atlanta.
  • Reduced Cost for Fuel & Generator Rental – Power lines at the farm can be tied-in, allowing a production to run off of house power and greatly reducing the costs for generator rental and fuel for the production.
  • Tax Deductions – Falconwood is affiliated with Horse Time, a 501(3)c non-profit that provides equine therapy.  As such, any in-kind donations are tax deductible.  Thus, items that are normally disposed of after a production such as lumber and construction materials could be donated at Fair Market Value for a tax deduction.
Aesthetic Advantages:  Falconwood’s 80-acre facility offers incredible flexibility and multiple looks!
  • As a working equestrian facility, Falconwood offers many of the amenities that would be expected, including multiple equestrian arenas, fenced paddocks and fields, and traditional barn structures.  The 1997 Disney film “Flash” took advantage of this look when they used Falconwood as one of their filming locations.
  • Additional items that are typically found in and around a farm or horse stable are available as set dressing and props, such as hay, tractors, cavalettis, jumps, barns, and saddles/tack.
  • The 80-acre property has topographical features such as dense forests, creeks, grassland, open fields, and a 1-acre lake giving it tremendous flexibility beyond its intended function as an equestrian facility.
  • Falconwood is amenable to altering the terrain, so long as environmental factors are taken into consideration and a restoration plan is agreed upon.
Logistical Advantages:  Privacy, security, and able to handle a large production crew!
  • The farm is bordered by forest on all sides, insulating  the property from extraneous noise.  With more than 80 acres, there is nearly zero chance of impacting residential neighbors or surrounding business.
  • A single entrance to the property can be easily controlled, ensuring privacy and security.
  • The property can easily be accessed by tractor trailers and other large equipment (monthly deliveries of shavings and hay are all brought in by tractor trailer).

Perhaps the most important aspect that makes Falconwood a “film friendly” location is its camera readiness and ability to handle a full company.  Many locations are unprepared (both logistically and psychologically) to handle a 100+ person film crew and equipment descent upon their property.  Our farm has hosted equestrian competitions with well over 100 people and has been able to comfortably support the additional vehicles, trailers, and horses on the property.

Additionally, Falconwood’s owner and on-site representative is an experienced ALM and member of Teamsters Local 728 and will be there to support production every step of the way.  Essentially, Falconwood Farms can be thought of as an exterior sound stage.

flashFlash, an Original Disney Channel Movie, Filmed at Falconwood Farms

In 1997, Falconwood Farms was chosen as one of the filming locations for Disney’s Flash, a made-for-television movie about a boy and his horse.   Lucas Black, who plays the part of Conner Strong in the film, has gone on to become a hugely successful actor, starring in films such as  Friday Night Lights (2004), Jarhead (2005), and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006).



In 1994, Falconwood Farms was asked to be a part of the campaign to bring the Georgia International Horse Park to Conyers, GA for the 1996 Olympic Games. Featured are Lucinda Faulkner, Head Trainer Roseanna Lamb, and Big (in memoriam).